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CargoWise has released several new features and enhancements in December 2023, focusing on improving efficiency, compliance, and user experience. 

Customs and Compliance:

  • Enhanced shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods: This update simplifies the process of declaring dangerous goods for international shipments, reducing errors and streamlining compliance with global regulations.

  • New EU aviation security inspection types: CargoWise now supports the latest EU aviation security inspection types, ensuring compliance with updated regulations for air cargo security.

  • Increased flexibility handling Domestic Transshipment Requests with New Zealand Customs: This feature allows users to easily manage domestic transshipment requests within New Zealand, simplifying the movement of goods within the country.

Logistics and Visibility:

  • Enhanced visibility for Customs Hold Notices: Users can now view Customs Hold Notices directly within CargoWise, providing timely information about potential delays and allowing for quicker resolution.

  • Improved container booking management: CargoWise now offers more flexibility and control over container booking processes, including enhanced search functionalities and streamlined booking workflows.

  • New reporting capabilities for Warehouse Management: Users can now generate customized reports that provide detailed insights into warehouse operations, improving stock control and inventory management.

User Experience and Productivity:

  • Simplified user interface for Warehouse Management: The Warehouse Management interface has been redesigned for improved usability and ease of navigation, allowing users to work faster and more efficiently.

  • Enhanced search capabilities across CargoWise: Search functionality has been improved throughout CargoWise, making it easier for users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

  • New accessibility features: CargoWise has introduced new accessibility features to improve the platform's inclusiveness for users with disabilities.

  • Additionally, CargoWise continues to invest in ongoing improvements to its core functionality and performance, delivering a more stable and reliable platform for its users.

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